Kidswear is a miniature version of adults wear. Kids today have all clothing options like that of adults, and even much more. They are much more intelligent than the previous generations, and like to take their own shopping decisions by themselves. Glued to the latest fashion trends, children of today have become brand conscious. Increasing media awareness, growing amount of disposable income due to dual earnings, and growing brand consciousness among children are fuelling the market for kidswear.

Earlier children’s garments were purchased from small stores, and street shops. Branded clothing was only bought by high status people. This trend is going through a change wherein market for branded clothing is gaining importance. Along with it, shopping methods are also going through considerable changes. The advent of ecommerce in India has created an explosion of online shopping stores. With kidswear as one of the fastest growing segment of the apparel market, online retailing for kidswear is also witnessing tremendous growth potential.

Most of the online retail stores are multi-category, while some are niche shops catering to specific shoppers. Most of these retailers are already into men and womenswear clothing line and with the entry into kidswear segment plan to become a one-stop-family-shop.