sales bargains


I used to be a really good shopper. I doubt that counts as an actual talent (though it was certainly useful), but I was. I can’t remember the last time I went, mind you. Between two small children and a busy work schedule, the only real-life shopping I get to do these days takes place in a miniature plastic supermarket on my living-room carpet, where the till is run by a two-year-old (the place is a gyp, by the way. He insists everything is £20, even a lone, imaginary egg). I miss it. Not this weekend, of course. Sales are hell. I mean, the idea is lovely, obviously. It’s just the no-parking-spaces, endless-queuing, where-do-you-put-your-big-coat and racks-of-“morning-after”-Christmas-tat I can’t bear. And the people. The people are all bastards (except you).

But the lure of a bargain is strong and – as we’ve established – you are a nicer person than me. So if you are going, and want to get ahead with spring/summer trends, here’s what to buy.

Neon It will be huge news well into 2013. I love it but, if it gives you Agadoo flashbacks, might I suggest dipping a toe in the water with some accessories first?

White It doesn’t suit everyone (or a life that requires you to do anything other than stay indoors, drinking milk) but all-white looks featured at Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders, Richard Nicoll and Margaret Howell.

Bombers The jacket of next season. As Happy Days‘s Fonzie would doubtless have commented: “Eeeeeyyyy!”

Pearlescent fabrics The collections positively shimmered at Burberry, Dior, Mary Katrantzou and Diane Von Furstenberg. De-Christmas any sales shimmer you pick up by teaming it with a block of neutral colour.

Crop tops Me neither. Let’s move on.

Snakeskin You may think of it as the preserve of leathery rockers (and, I guess, snakes) but Preen made snakeskin print cool again, contrasting it with oversized florals and breezy nautical stripes at its spring/summer show. You can do that now by buying two cheap things and wearing them together! The magic of fashion.

Classics I consider this a subjective term – classics are in the eye of the beholder. Now is the time to buy extra jeans in your favourite cut, or anything in black.